Fishery Information

To ensure thay everyone enjoys their experience here, we ask that all visitors abide by our Rules & Regulations.

Fishing Times

Each ticket here at Woodburn Fishery has a time limit, please adhere to the time limit for your ticket. 

Fish Limit

Per rod limit. All caught fish will count and no fish may be returned to the resevoir unless you have a 'Catch & Release' ticket.

On reaching your 'per rod' limit, the rod must come out of the water. Alternatively, you can buy an additional ticket to give you more time.

Fish caught over your limit will be charged on a £5 per lb basis. Bag limits and finishing times must be adhered to.

All trout taken MUST be weighed in and recorded in the record book located in the reception before leaving the fishery

Bait & Tackle

Only worms and maggots can be used as bait on the bait pond.

The following are not permitted:

  • Sweetcorn
  • Treble Hooks
  • Spinning lures
  • Cooked Food
  • Barbed hooks
  • Ground Bait 
  • Power Bait

Litter & Discarded Tackle

We care about the environment here at Woodburn Fishery, and ask that you do too. Please take home, or bin any discarded line, litter and hooks.  All these items can cause injury to wildlife or other people.

Anyone found littering will be asked to leave the fishery.

Treatment of fish

Our Trout are of very highy quality and we care for them. Once hooked please enjoy the fight and dispatch the fish in a timely manner to reduce its stress. On a catch and release ticket fish should not be over played and should be returned as quickly as possible.

All brown trout over 3lbs are to be returned to the water safely, these trout are irreplaceable.
All trout over 10lbs must be returned.
Please do take your pictures and return the trout quickly and safely to the water.

You MUST dip your landing net in the disinfectant bucket provided on fishery.


No cooking, gutting or preparation of fish is allowed on site.

A full list of rules and regulations are on the back of your permit. Please familiarise yourself with the rules.  These are also available at the fishery and can be provided on request.

Thank you for keeping within the rules and enjoy your time with us.